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The Fly Navy Heritage Trust was formed in 1991 with the

object of raising funds to ensure the continued operation of the Royal Navy Historic Flight to enable it to display its historic naval aircraft across the United Kingdom and advance awareness of the Fleet Air Arm’s Naval Aviation Heritage. Reflecting the initial urgency to preserve the iconic Fairey Swordfish torpedo bomber, the Trust was formed originally as the Swordfish Heritage Trust but renamed in 2002 to better reflect and encapsulate what the Fleet Air Arm is and what it does. By striving to educate membersof the public and serving personnel in the history and traditions of the Fleet Air Arm, the Trust aims to raise the profile and the understanding of the Royal Navy’s flying arm. A history enriched with examples of courage and self sacrifice is an inspiration to young and old alike. Our lineage of gallant events, punctuated with high honours, is catalogued in the Fleet Air Arm Museum, while our Memorial Church of St Bartholomew with its moving Roll of Honour completesthe elements which make up our “shop window” at the Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton, the busiest military airfield in Western Europe.

Trustees are drawn from Defence Aerospace leaders and Aviation
enthusiasts who dedicate themselves to our twin objectives

of promoting, especially in the young, an interest in aviation and its history and to raising the funds to allow us to continue to do so. They welcome both your interest and support, and if you are in a position to give it, your more practical assistance in terms of financial support or support-in-kind.

The immediate future for our endeavours is underpinned by the 2009 Centenary of Naval Aviationand the rolling celebration

of the formation of the Naval Wing of the Royal Flying Corps in 1912 and the Royal Naval Air Service itself in 1914. The build and launch of the new aircraft carriers Queen Elizabeth and Prince of Wales will span these centenary dates.

The future is bright – the future is FLY NAVY – don’t miss the
boat – you are welcome on board!