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  • D P Knight (Thursday, November 05 15 01:17 pm GMT)

    Have just reached the grand age of 89 yrs ,joined the rn at 17 in 1944 left in 1948 as a/b se would love to hear from some of the older members .
    Up spirits and stand fast the Holy Ghost

  • Mike Johns (Monday, June 29 15 07:25 pm BST)

    Thanks for sorting out the new venue, it was great as were the staff.
    So pleased Pixie that you are staying on as Secretary, you would be a very hard act to follow!

  • Taff Jones (Monday, June 29 15 06:45 pm BST)

    Got back from the P.U. aound 1600. Great time had by all. Many thanks to all who contributed. Great to seen new faces as well

  • George Cunningham (Monday, June 29 15 01:07 pm BST)

    Would just like to thank Pixie and all the others who organised a great weekend My wife and I had a smashing time (apart from the sunburnt face):) We are looking forward to the next one.

  • Craig Codling (Monday, June 29 15 11:52 am BST)

    Reunion weekend

    Just back from the reunion and just want to say a huge thank you to Gordon and the committee for yet another smashing weekend. The venue was excellent, food brilliant and the company a joy to be
    with. Can't wait for next year!

  • Gordon Parkes (Wednesday, March 18 15 07:56 pm GMT)

    Dinky, if you read this I have sent you 3 emails to your ntlworld address

  • D p knight (Wednesday, March 18 15 05:33 pm GMT)

    I have email pixie but have had no reply .i have been a member but did not pay my subs for last year and wanted to know how much it would cost to renew my membership. D knight ex1771sqd hms
    indefatigable 1945

  • Charlie Bainbridge (Sunday, February 15 15 10:51 am GMT)

    Hi all,

    Unfortunately I don't use facebook, or at least not yet. But I am being encouraged to do so, as I gather more people pick up news using that.

    Just to give you a report back on Chris's funeral, I would like to say he had a very good send off. He was well represented by about ten of us from the Association. His brother Geoff did him proud
    with the speech he gave in the church, and incorporated the essence of what Keith Davies had sent up, reflecting Chris's life in the Navy. Geoff acknowledged all the condolences sent, and anybody
    that donated to one of the charities that had been set up on behalf of Chris.

    In my eyes I would say that from start to finish all the events from arriving at the church, then on to the Crematorium, followed by the Reception, was a relaxing and poignant (moving) time, yet
    quite jovial with more than one or two laughs reflecting the good memories of Chris's life. I am sure Chris would of been pleased at the way the events took place that day.

    I can only imagine that Judith was calling and he just had to be with her once again.

    God Bless them both, they won't be forgotten.


  • Charlie Bainbridge (Friday, February 06 15 11:27 am GMT)

    Hi everyone, this message is just about a "Pause for Thought". Looking at the "In Memory Of" page. It's amazing how many people have passed away since these reunions started, and just lately, more
    so, over the last couple of years how many have died. Of course we are all getting older, but so many of them passed away far to early, well before their prime. When you look back at the names,
    everyone of us will have a different fond memory of them, all relating to their unique character, remembering the close friendship and reliability of them in times of need. What has made me poignant
    at this present time, is the reality of it all, that we can't live forever. Which is why when you think of these reunions we have each year, it's all the more important to come along and meet your
    old buddies and have a bit of reminiscence time before it's all to late. Sadly none of us will see Chris Cooke again. A very dear friend to me and I know many others, alongside his wife Judith as
    well. I was hoping that there would of been many more years of that friendship to come. Keith Tilson and myself visited Chris in Sheffield Hospital just 6 days before he passed away. He said to us
    that he was looking forward to the reunion in June, and that was how we left him, saying "see you at the do Chris, will be looking forward to it". Sadly that wasn't to be. Which makes you realise how
    short life really is.

    It has to be said, that these reunions over the years has created many fond and happy memories of past and present members and we must thank the chaps on the committee who do a fantastic job of
    organising these events. I for one look more forward to these reunions than I do going away on holiday. And yes, I do usually have fantastic holidays. It is no mean feat spending so much time making
    sure that all things go smoothly at theses gatherings over a whole weekend. Well done to each and everyone on the committee, too many name to mention. But I will be there again this coming June,(by
    the way, it's two days after my birthday) to say to them, "thanks once more for a great weekend".

    So for those members that haven't been along, or have missed out for a few years, or if you know of someone wanting to join the Association, please try your hardest and come along.

    That's you, Eric French (Froggy), Alan Pratt, Alan Ruddy (Nipper), Harry Schwartz, Adrian Thompson, Lance Fulford-Owen, Cliff Hickinbottom, and there is many more names.

    You won't regret it.

  • Joe Courtney (Monday, December 22 14 08:12 am GMT)

    I.m sorry I did,nt find this site before,did,nt know it existed.Imust be one of the few SE,ratings to join the RN reserve and get demoted from aKillock to able seaman.Anyone else get done like that.

  • Kevin Dredge (Thursday, December 18 14 06:35 am GMT)

    Hi there, I received a message yesterday from Paul Moss, pleas read -
    Kevin, just today that George Bain has had a stroke last week. I believe he is in Taunton hospital with his partner at he side. Please you pass on the info to the SE association, will let you know if
    I hear more, cheers mate paul.

  • Matt.Gilmore (Tuesday, November 04 14 02:04 pm GMT)

    Whilst selling poppies this year an oldish lady approached our stall & asked if she could make a donation because having tried for two hours she could not get through to the R.B.L. office
    ,naturally we said yes & she handed over an envelope & left with our thanks. We decided to put the donation in the collecting can so opened the envelope. One of out collectors said it\'s a
    nice donation, £90.00 but when I checked he had read the cheque wrong, it was £ 9000.00. Could have knocked us all down with a feather. We are currently trying to trace the lady to thank her

  • Gwynfor Jones (Monday, June 23 14 07:26 pm BST)

    Looking forward to the next P.U in Bristol. Looks a great place

  • John Vitti (Tuesday, May 27 14 04:30 pm BST)

    Nothing to do with me, honest! Next time we'll shake the counterfoils more vigorously. Well done.
    Regards, John V.

  • Philip and Melodie Pike (Saturday, May 24 14 09:54 am BST)

    We had a great weekend as always. Thanks to the committee for all the hard work required to make it happen. Looking forward to the next one wherever it is. As some of you may have noticed, we
    actually won some raffle prizes this year.

  • Scrumpy (Wednesday, May 21 14 09:02 am BST)

    Yet another brilliant reunion
    a big pity that the turn out this year was down a bit. Well done to all for a great weekend

  • Keith Bonson (Tuesday, May 20 14 09:44 am BST)

    Another excellent R.U.
    Thank you to the Committee.
    Also for the Raffle Prizes.
    We had a better journey home than coming.

  • Nigel (Phil) Trigg (Thursday, May 08 14 02:29 pm BST)

    Trying to trace John Goldby SE HMS Hermes 60's era.Phil Trigg badger 2F3 mess.

  • Jim Corbett (Tuesday, May 06 14 08:52 am BST)

    Has anyone got any idea if Reb (Red)Williamson went back to the Shetlands? There is a chance I may be going there during June

  • Roy Colbeck (Sunday, April 20 14 10:13 am BST)

    Sadly Reg Moore passed away 10th April this year, he was a member of the Gt Yarmouth FAA Assoc. he served as a SE rating in the RN 1944 to 1948.

  • J G Jones (Wednesday, April 02 14 07:57 am BST)

    To all my oppo's, please note that my e-mail address is now My Hotmail one has been lost

  • J G Jones (Thursday, March 20 14 07:18 pm GMT)

    Just to tell you that I have had to change my e-mail. It is as from now

  • Leo (Monday, February 24 14 11:09 pm GMT)

    Hi all, it with great sadness I have to inform you that one of our dear friends has passed away. Shawn Clinton USA PR1 Served on exchange circa 1995 at Daedalus. RIP Shawn

  • Adrian Thompson (Tuesday, February 11 14 09:06 pm GMT)

    The two names missing on the photo with Daly,Aherne, Cox, Thompson, Foreman, Boland taken on board HMS Centaur 1964/5 are, SubLt Golightly and CPO T.F. Houghton.

  • SPUD (Monday, January 13 14 05:02 pm GMT)

    A SHOOTING trip turned into a nightmare for 59-year-old Roger Fullbrook when he stumbled and blasted off most of his left foot.
    He had been enjoying a sunny day out with the Warmwell Estate shooting syndicate when the accident happened.
    Mr Fullbrook, of King Street, Portland, said he had unloaded his 12-bore shotgun to cross a fence and had just reloaded it when the accident happened.
    He added: "I bent down to release my dog and as he ran off into a hedge I stumbled, the gun flew out of my arms, hit the ground barrel first and went off, catching me across the top of my left
    "I thought, 'That was really stupid!' and shouted into my radio for help. Everyone came and, while I was bleeding, it was contained by my wellington boot."
    One of the syndicate was a paramedic and he looked after Mr Fullbrook until a paramedic from Weymouth arrived, giving him fluids and painkillers and calling the Dorset and Somerset Air
    Mr Fullbrook said: "They flew me to Odstock Hospital in Salisbury where I spent ten days and had three operations. The first cleared out debris in my foot from the blast, the second cleaned it up and
    the third amputated most of my left foot."
    Mr Fullbrook, a carpenter-joiner, is now at home on crutches waiting for a prosthetic foot, but he has nothing but praise for the air ambulance crew whose skill and speed on January 17 'saved me a
    great deal of pain and discomfort'.
    He said: "They just got me there so quickly and efficiently. They were brilliant.
    "I wanted to do something to say thank you, so when our syndicate held its end-of-season dinner we decided to donate the £90 raffle proceeds to the air ambulance."
    A spokesman for the air ambulance said they were delighted at the donation and Mr Fullbrook said he was also able to help two other people.
    He said: "My left wellington boot was blasted to bits but I was able to give the right one to a friend whose boot had a leak! Also, because of my injuries I could not attend the syndicate's shoot the
    following week, so consultant orthopaedic surgeon Peter Rauh - who operated on me - went in my place!"

  • Roger Mills (Friday, January 03 14 02:59 pm GMT)

    Hi everyone ! And happy new year ! I was in 3E2 Mess, HMS Eagle ,during 1967,with NA(SE) Johnson (deceased) NA(SE) Taff Mathews (ditto) NA(SE) Archie McClaren (ditto ) and NA(SE) Spider Webb (lives
    in Gosport ??) ; Also , I was in the Royal Guard for the Duke Of Edinburgh at Yeovilton in 1964 , and this year it will be 50 years on ; any of your members in the Royal Guard too ?? Would love to
    arrange a reunion with them ( I'll be in the Swordfish Enclosure this July ) .
    Cheers ! Roger Mills , Tewkesbury , ex-REM (A) 1964-74

  • scrumpy (Tuesday, December 31 13 10:56 am GMT)

    A happy new year to you all

  • Jackie Thomas (Saturday, December 21 13 10:47 pm GMT)

    Sincere good wishes to all friends of the late Tommo (Bill Thomas) for a very happy and peaceful Christmas and a safe and very healthy 2014.

  • scrumpy (Friday, December 20 13 04:41 pm GMT)

    Just to let you know it is Ken Warne's 50 anniversary on Sat 21 I wish him and Mo a really happy anniversary go for it kid.

  • Ken Warnes (Friday, December 06 13 06:00 pm GMT)

    George Porton is seriously ill in Hospital (South Africa)his daughter is keeping me updated and I will keep everyone updated, he had an operation which seems to have gone well, but apparently its
    left him with no memory? part of his foot was amputated, and he is having problems with his heart and breathing

  • Ken Warnes (Tuesday, December 03 13 06:42 pm GMT)

    Well after advertising the RNSESA Christmas Cards,ONE Person has ordered some (Scrumpy) our Vice Chairman!
    I know times are hard but this takes the biscuit? I have a box of cards in my loft (shop now closed) and I think they will be going to the dump!What a bloody waste of time, why do I bother

  • Jeff [Ginge] Duffey (Sunday, November 17 13 08:29 pm GMT)

    Nice looking site, thanks lads.

  • Dave Philpot (Tuesday, November 12 13 02:38 pm GMT)

    Whole heartedly agree with John. A great day to march past the Cenotaph and then remember those colleges that we knew and lost in the FAA. Followed by a very long lunch "at sea" on the Tattershall
    Castle. We managed to get back to our digs at about 18:30. Bravo Zulu all concerned

  • John Vitti (Monday, November 11 13 08:06 pm GMT)

    Just want to say what that I was proud to stand next to my comrades this Remembrance Sunday in Whitehall. The sun truly shone upon us. We marched in step (most of the way)!
    The private ceremony at the FAA memorial was very dignified and moving. The afternoon culminated in a very pleasant session aboard 'The Tattersall Castle' on the Thames, the FAA took over the ship,
    I'm told it was the first sea-going draft for some...
    A very memorable day indeed, there were times when the hair on your neck bristled, immensely moving.

  • Ken Warnes (Tuesday, October 22 13 06:57 pm BST)

    Anyone wanting a set of Christmas cards, by John Vitti £4 a set including postage
    Cheques and P.O.s made out to RNSESA, send to Ken Warnes,
    Sheffield S21 1EL

  • Gareth Taff Jones (Tuesday, September 24 13 08:38 pm BST)

    Hi noticed my name is not on members list ?

  • Barney Pritchard (Monday, September 16 13 06:28 pm BST)

    To Jas Massey. How are you doing.

  • Taff Jones (Friday, September 13 13 09:57 pm BST)

    Good pic of Dave " Flipflop " with that Kaitai in Singers. He hasn't aged a bit!!

  • Roy Jeffery (Tuesday, September 03 13 07:31 am BST)

    To the Cornwall Contingent - Hi Boys and Girls - Thanks for your company at the soiree last evening and especially to Kevin for my extra mushrooms - a most enjoyable evening

    Roy J

  • Keith Spiller (Monday, August 19 13 07:43 pm BST)

    Scary seeing so many "Old and Bold" members of the branch still around.

  • Mike Johns (Wednesday, July 31 13 10:36 pm BST)

    Scrumpy,I have the home address for Nigel Hewitt, give me a bell.

  • Scrumpy (Tuesday, July 30 13 02:17 pm BST)

    Just got a parcel from Fred Whitbread containing a very large White Ensign should go well at the reunion.

  • Scrumpy (Sunday, July 28 13 10:45 am BST)

    HI All
    I am trying to get in touch with Nigel Hewitt if any one knows his email address or his home phone No could you please let me know.
    all the best to every one

  • Mike Johns (Tuesday, July 16 13 12:06 pm BST)

    A Big Thank You goes to Stan Humphries for his very generous £100:00 donation to the RNSESA funds.
    Cheers Stan!

  • John Vitti (Friday, July 12 13 05:30 pm BST)

    Ispoke to Betty Fielding yesterday. Brian is now stable. The infections he contracted in hospital have now been addressed and he has had scans to determine if it is possible to go ahead with
    open-heart surgery next week. So all being well, Brian should operated next week. He is in good spirits and has started to eat well after losing a lot of weight initially. Keep your fingers crossed!

  • Ken Warnes (Monday, July 01 13 09:08 am BST)

    spoke to Betty Fielding this morning Monday 1st July, Brian is hoping to have another stent or valve fitted today? now been in 1 Month, lets wish him a speedy recovery, my Mother is seriously ill in
    hospital, so not online much

  • Taff Jones (Saturday, June 22 13 08:53 pm BST)

    Happy birthday Charlie. See you at the next P.U.

  • Helen and Jay Massey (Saturday, June 01 13 05:16 pm BST)

    Dear Fred and Ellen, we are so sorry to hear that you are unwell Fred. We wanted you to know we are thinking of you and will pray for a successful outcome on the 14th and a positive final prognosis.
    Take great care both of you. Best, Helen and Jay.

  • John Vitti (Thursday, May 09 13 09:19 pm BST)

    Hi Jay & Helen,
    I hope you're grand tour is progressing well, despite the weather. By the way, those few nice days we've just had was our summer, we are now in autumn!
    I asked my daughter the best way of downloading the reunion photographs. She reckons you should contact Ken Warnes who took most of the shots. Ask him to e-mail The photo's via attachment to your
    e-mail address, that's if nobody else comes up with another way. That way you are assured of decent definition. I'm sure Ken will oblige being the kind hearted guy he is. He can be contacted at 01142
    489858 or The 'do' was rather good wasn't it? Good to see old faces once again.
    Regards John V.

  • Helen and Jay Massey (Monday, May 06 13 10:08 pm BST)

    G’day from Helen and Jay,
    Thank you so much to everyone for the wonderful warm welcome we received at the reunion, and for making our trip from Australia so worthwhile. We were quite overwhelmed by the acceptance from
    everyone and dearly hope we are able to attend another reunion in the future…..God willing! We appreciated very much the dedication of Pixie and the other “Elves” whose hard work made the weekend
    such a happy, successful and fun time. We loved the photographs on the website and would be very grateful if someone is able to tell us how we can copy some of them. Thank you again for a superb time
    and lovely company. Keep well and keep smiling! Tots up!! Helen and Jay :)