The Royal Navy Safety Equipment and Survival branch is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all equipment issued to aircrew or fitted to aircraft that is designed, fitted or worn to aid egress and survival from naval aircraft.


Current Safety Equipment Technicians(SETs) are deployed onboard our two carriers and will also deploy with embarked squadrons on a variety of ships. They are also employed in naval and joint force air stations in the UK.


As well as equipment maintenance, SETs are also employed in the land and sea survival instructing roles, in the underwater escape trainer and at the Royal Naval Sea Survival School. More information on the role of SETs can be found on the Royal Navy website. A short history of the branch can be found here.


The RNSESA is open to all serving and former members of the SE branch of all ranks and rates. Formal and informal gatherings happen throughout the year and members can interact via our Facebook page.


Membership fees are just £15 per year for full membership or £5 a year for associate membership (for partners and other family members). For information on joining, please e-mail the Secretary Simon Smith @

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